• - Personalized pickups
  • - CTS Clearing (Outward)
  • - Centralized Reporting

AIRAN collects cheque from almost 10,000 Points from prominent clients of Banks and Bank branches on daily basis across India and its still increasing. We provide privileged services like Door step banking to elite customers of Banks since its inception. We have developed robust mechanism for collection of cheque over the time by developing technology and evolving from time to time. Today we have developed Mobile application (QR code reader) to track the Feet-on-street (FOS) and daily collection report online.


  • - U V Checking & Technical Scrutiny
  • - CTS Scanning - Canon CR 190 UV
  • - Maker, Checker and QC
  • - Balancing & Uploading to CHI of NPCI.

Cheque Truncation System (CTS) is an online imaged based cheque clearing system, wherein the image of the cheque and MICR data is captured at the collecting bank and transmitted electronically eliminating the actual cheque movement. During MICR and NON MICR processing we have provided robust solutions to Banking and Financial segments. Then came CTS in 2014 and since inception of CTS, AIRAN has provided end to end customized software solutions of processing cheques to several Banks and Financial institutions as per their requirements. We have developed several online and offline modules based on requirements and are successfully deployed at operational level. Today we carry out CTS clearing for prominent banks and financial segments across India with strong base in Western Grid. We are the only service partner in Gujarat who is catering services to almost every Bank and Financial sector.


AIRAN is national partner for one of the leading Telecom Company of India and provide end to end DMS services in Gujarat state. Customers who apply for Prepaid / Postpaid connection has to fill Customer Application Form (CAF) as per TERM guidelines and submit the form to concerned distributor, retailer or telecom outlet. We collect this CAF from more than 500+ outlets in Gujarat state and bring to nearest AIRAN branch for decentralized processing. We cover almost all the remote locations in Gujarat state, which practically are inaccessible to others. We have 60+ branches to cater to this requirement and we process more than 5 Million documents per year. We carry out Audit of the documents as per TERM guidelines and in Service levels (SLA) defined by client. The SLA‘s for the activity are built on service delivery and customer satisfaction and we have been in top position across India in terms of Service levels among all other service partners. Demographic entry is carried out post CAF Audit and forms are further sent for digitization (scanning and uploading). Airan has also extended its service in DMS software and provided scan based module for centralized operations. AIRAN does scanning of 20 Million pages along with quality check of each page every year. Scanning, indexing, renaming and photo cropping is carried out in AIRAN‘s softwar.


All digitized forms are than sent for storage facility of AIRAN which is capable of storing more than 5 crore documents. Our warehouse facility is built with state-of-art infrastructure and fulfils the audit requirement. AIRAN warehouse facility is being audited by the 3rd Party Auditors and has sufficed all the norms laid. Our Records Management software is equipped with excellent tracking of all the documents stored in warehouse. Practically we can trace any document in less than a minute and retrieve the physical document in 10 minutes time.